A Penniless girl, bad dates & plenty of oysters

I've got a pretty face & a pretty extensive urban spoon
wish list...
We all know that getting what you want in life can be tough. Which is why I've decided to let someone else finance my dreams. My dream? To eat in pretty restaurants without costing me a penny. You had me at Elk Tartare, lost me at chin strap. Follow me to learn who I screw over, bang and love as I navigate Toronto’s diners, drive-ins & dives.

Serial Dater under scrutiny


Is she a monster?

Is she the female Tucker Max?

Am I thinking a little too hard about this & spending too much time on Reddit again?

This just in, sometimes women don’t have the best intentions. Toronto men of Reddit, hold on to your neck beards. This girl is looking for love in her lobster roll, not your academic achievements. Men of Toronto be warned there is a menace on the loose, she’s bleach blonde, about 5’6, slim build and has an appetite for oysters. Reality check? Toronto gold diggers exist. Be afraid, be very afraid. 

Check out my radio interview


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