A Penniless girl, bad dates & plenty of oysters

I've got a pretty face & a pretty extensive urban spoon
wish list...
We all know that getting what you want in life can be tough. Which is why I've decided to let someone else finance my dreams. My dream? To eat in pretty restaurants without costing me a penny. You had me at Elk Tartare, lost me at chin strap. Follow me to learn who I screw over, bang and love as I navigate Toronto’s diners, drive-ins & dives.

Let’s go fishing.

POF is so 2000’s but with this photo I’m hoping someone will bite…so I can BITE into some delicious FOOD.


This just in…

I can’t join POF becase EVERY username you could possibly imagine has been taken. Even DTFJKJKS is already gone! What’s a girl to do?


What’s a girl to do? Find a Jewish man, that’s what. Jdate here I come. Plenty of Fish, it wasn’t meant to be.

Willing to convert to Judaism for a good meal? umm YES.

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